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What is the normal color of aluminum profile?

The conventional colors of aluminum profiles with different treatment processes are as follows:

Electrophoresis: Champagne, silver white, stainless steel, bronze, golden yellow, black

Oxidation: Champagne, silver white, stainless steel, bronze, golden yellow, black

Spray: any color

The aluminum profile should be oxidized before coloring. The surface corrosion resistance of extruded aluminum alloy profile is not strong, so anodizing is necessary to improve the corrosion resistance, wear resistance and appearance beauty of aluminum.

The main process is as follows:

(1) Surface pretreatment: chemical or physical methods are used to clean the profile surface to expose the pure matrix, so as to obtain a complete and dense artificial oxide film. Mirror or matte (Matt) surfaces can also be obtained by mechanical means.

(2) Anodizing: Anodizing occurs on the surface of the profile after surface pretreatment under certain technological conditions, resulting in a dense, porous and strong adsorption Al203 film.

(3) Sealing: sealing the pores of the porous oxide film formed after anodizing, so as to enhance the anti pollution, anti-corrosion and wear resistance of the oxide film. The oxide film is colorless and transparent. By using the strong adsorption of the oxide film before sealing, some metal salts are adsorbed and deposited in the film hole, which can make the profile surface show many colors other than the natural color (silver white), such as black, bronze, golden yellow and stainless steel color.

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